Thursday, July 8, 2010

to be honest...

i am having a spectacularly hard time getting my apartment in order. it seems that, over the course of the roller coaster school year, with its thrilling ups and many, many downs i completely lost control of the space. (one more up: just received official word that i am no longer laid off). there are things everywhere, and now despite the vast swaths of time afforded by summer vacation, i feel too overwhelmed to begin anywhere. so instead i spend hours of my free time looking at blogs, gathering ideas, and eventually, feeling inadequate. feeling that i will never get my home to look like those i admire so much, that there is no use to even getting started because i will never achieve the desired outcome. waaaaah.

that whiny doomsday feeling is now compounded by the fact that my boyfriend is definitely moving in this fall, and we have drastically different taste. so now every improvement or change that i make, there is a little voice saying "he is going to HATE this... he is not going to want to live here." boy oh boy, it would be a real treat to get out of my wacko head and spend some time out there in the real world with the rest of you! so this is my attempt to do so.

internet, here is my mess:

it's time to clean it up.

wish me luck.

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