Thursday, February 25, 2010

honest-to-goodness sunshine.

i fully acknowledge that i am getting ahead of myself here, BUT... today there was sunshine! sunshine when i left the house for work! and sunshine when i came home from school! it was a dream.

i wore a coral colored cardigan today, and someone pointed out what a nice spring color it is. why, yes, yes it is! when i came home, i noticed the pile of clothes sitting on my bed... notice a pattern? orange sherbert-y, coral-y, pink-y, papaya colored goodness.

there was a similar scene in the bathroom. here you can see posietint, which is my new favorite lip stain. it's a perfect pink... or posy, or poppy, or papaya, or whatever you'd like to call that lovely, warm-weather shade that i'm obsessed with.

and the raspberries at the grocery store? they were RED. they were not local, but they were red. an actual, lovely raspberry shade of red, instead of that icky deep maroon i've gotten used to seeing.

speaking of spring and gorgeous color, i will be needing this poppy dress from j.crew. please & thank you.

good things are coming.

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