Sunday, March 29, 2009

welcome home.

bluebells, cockleshells,
evie, ivie, over!

did you ever sing that jump rope song? or the one about cinderella dressed in yella? i did. maybe you've never picked up a jump rope in your life. maybe playing jacks was your thing.

whatever it was, and whatever it now is, we all have little bits and pieces of life that we pack into our bag of tricks and carry with us every day. things that offer a little bit of familiarity, a little bit of comfort, a little bit of
home, wherever we find ourselves in life.

as my friends and i wade through our mid-twenties, more and more i find myself looking under rocks and in the backs of dusty cabinets for these lost relics-- capturing little bits of home wherever i can. this a time of transition; careers that are stop and go, love that overwhelms and slinks away, apartments that leave amenities to be desired.

this is a period in our lives, more than ever before, where the very notion of home has been turned on its head. what is home? where is it? and how do we make a home of our own?

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  1. So happy to have met you in Holly's class - you're a great writer and I look forward to watching your blog grow!